Drop your kit off with us in the evening, we’ll service it over night and have it ready for you the next morning.


Total Service: €50

Get your skis or board running like new again.
Base P-Tex Repair, Edges & Hand Wax.


Edge & Wax: €30

Make your skis go faster and turn better.
Edges & Hand Wax.

Wax: €15

Go faster than you did yesterday.
Hand Wax.

If your skis or snowboard aren’t running as you would like then one of our services should do the trick.

A high-quality hand wax will get your sliding down the mountain at warp speed and tuning your edges will give you control to make nice carving turns.

We do all over our servicing over night so you can drop your kit off after your day on the slopes (16:00 to 18:00) and pick it up on your way to the mountain the next morning (08:00 to 10:00).



Repair damage to the base of your board or skis.
Sliced P-Tex Patch, resinned in place with heat clamps.


Repair damage to the metal edge of your skis or board.
New edge with spliced P-Tex base patch, resinned in place with heat clamps.

We have the knowledge to repair pretty much everything, and what’s more it’s all done by hand.

The words “Is my board dead?” are normally met with a “No”.

Even the biggest repairs of edge replacements, core shots, patches - don’t cost a fortune.

Come in and see us and we’ll let you know what the score is.


Custom Fitted Insoles: from €55 to €79

Insoles custom fitted to your foot and boot.

Boot Stretch: from €20

Heated boot stretch to relieve pressure point.

Oven Heated Custom Fit: from €60

With custom shells the boot should be heated and moulded to the foot. Often this is not done when you buy the boots.

Full Fit: €150

We’ll do all of the above for a true custom fit.

We’ve seen enough weird and wonderful feet to be able to offer a boot fitting and custom insole service. You will not believe how comfortable your boots can actually feel. No need to take them off at lunch whilst having your chocolat chaud.

Everything goes through your feet when your skiing or snowboarding. So if you suffer from cold feet, low or high arches, pronating or supinating feet, bone spurs – just to name a few common problems – then we can help.

Come in and see us for a boot fitting consultation. We can normally work with your existing boots you’ve already invested in, so rather than paying another €300 for a pair of boots, just get them fitted properly.